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What makes a Ropel portrait so very special?

The masters could capture a fleeting slice of life, emotion, and mystery in a portrait using oils and lacquers. Photographic portraiture is a true art form.   Producing an image that is a unique reflection of your personality, character, and mood requires skillful combinations of a master artist’s magic.  This is not said to elevate the artist, rather to illustrate the years of preparation of mind and eye, which combine to make a good photographic artist. Mr. Ropel is a sensitive artist, capable of rendering your portrait distinct and unique. His craftsmanship is demonstrated in every showpiece on display.

Joseph T. Ropel, spent five years in training at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photographic Art and Sciences in Santa Barbara, California graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in commercial illustration and portrait art. He has a Craftsman’s Degree from Professional Photographers of America, A Fellowship of Photography Degree from Professional Photographers of Washington. Awarded Photographer of the Year by the Seattle Professional Photographers Association. And co-founder and past president of the Portrait Design Guild.

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